A Devil Named DeVere by Victoria Vane

A Devil Named DeVere is a full length compilation of the novellas featuring Diana and DeVere: The Devil You Know, The Devil’s Match, and A Devil’s Touch, with the addition of select scenes from A Wild Night’s Bride and The Virgin Huntress.


Part I: The Devil You Know

When Ned, Annalee, and her cousin, Diana, arrive at DeVere’s estate for a weekend of horseracing, DeVere makes his interest in Diana acutely known. Diana’s twelve-year marriage is a mockery. She feels unfulfilled and undesirable, making her all too vulnerable to DeVere’s dangerous charm. After events take an unexpected turn, Diana’ most erotic fantasies become reality when she seeks comfort and affirmation in the devil’s arms. Little does she know that the fire he ignites within her will burn long after she leaves Woodcote Park.

Part II: The Devil’s Match

Four years later when Diana comes to London as her goddaughter’s chaperone, she desires to avoid her erstwhile lover at all costs. Nevertheless, she has no choice but to appeal to DeVere when Vesta mysteriously disappears. Ludovic’s time abroad has only served to deepen his debauchery. He’s become jaded, world-weary, and bored. He also recognizes that the marks of his discontent have only increased with Diana’s arrival. When she makes her appearance in his den of iniquity in all of her glorious self-righteous fury, he suddenly feels alive again. DeVere is once more hell-bent to have Diana back in his bed, while she will do whatever it takes to bring him to his knees.

Part III: A Devil’s Touch

In her last month of pregnancy, Diana, Viscountess DeVere, has barely settled into her new life and role as “the devil” DeVere’s wife, when her increasingly restless husband receives an urgent summons to London. When Diana inadvertently discovers a message he received from a known courtesan with whom he was formerly linked, she fears her marriage is over before it has begun.




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