AWNBcoverHe flashed her a bedazzling smile. What is your name, my pet?” “Kitty,” she replied. DeVere threw back his head with a chuckle. “Kitty? How delightfully apropos!” His erstwhile companions forgotten, he patted a muscular thigh. “Come then, Kitty, my sweet little puss. Sit on your master’s lap, and I’ll stroke you ’till you purr.” – A WILD NIGHT’S BRIDE


DITM CoverLudovic emitted a bitter laugh. “I fear there’s no avoiding it, for the moment I step foot over that threshold, my lord will become most agitated. If that prospect alarms you, then I suggest you mix something by way of a sedative.”  “But his lordship has already had his medicaments.”  Ludovic smirked over his shoulder. “In that case, you may wish to mix it for yourself.”-DEVIL IN THE MAKING 

 Ludovic scowled. “Sin, it seems you were unduly attached to the creature. You must break this damnable habit of falling in love with every female you bed. ” “DeVere’s right,” said Charles Fox. “Neither of you can understand,” Simon replied sullenly, “for you have yet to experience the grand passion, the all consuming power of love.” “Sin, listen to me closely,” Ludovic said. “You must accept that sometimes a fuck, no matter how rapturous, is only a fuck. No more. No less.”- DEVIL IN THE MAKING 

THV Template2“Aye!” said Polly. “Keep it up and ye’ll only make a fool of yerself and spoil any chance for a suitable young man.” “But I love him, Polly!” “Pshaw! The frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean.” Vesta scrunched her face. “Must you always speak in riddles?” “Ye’ve been mollycoddled, missy, and can know nothing how the world works.” “But I do know love, Polly! I loved Captain Hew from the moment I saw him and I just know I can make him love me too!” “Humph!” Polly scoffed. “And the ass dreams of thistles too!” –THE VIRGIN HUNTRESS

Ludovic interjected, “And where ever an ass falls; there he will never fall again.” “I indeed marvel at that, Vic.”  “That I have remained unwed?”  “No, that you are still an ass.” Hew grinned, adding, “although yet an unmated ass.”  “And that is precisely the state I intend to maintain. A man who lives alone is a god unto himself.”  “And a devil unto others.” – THE VIRGIN HUNTRESS


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